Why is It Important to Hired Insured Contractors

When hiring a contractor to perform work, you should only hire qualified and insured professionals. There are multiple reasons for this. The first is that they tend to be more qualified. This makes sense because good, qualified contractors tend not to cut corners, and skipping out on insurance is a massive corner with serious consequences, as well be seen in the remainder of this article. Not having insurance also undermines the appearance of professionalism and legitimacy that one wants when hiring someone to perform work on their home. Uninsured contractors are also more likely to be unlicensed.

Hiring concrete contractors in Tampa without insurance can be a massive financial pitfall for the homeowner. If your contractor does not have insurance that you can go after for compensation in case they do something wrong, you are likely out luck and out of money. Sure, you can still sue them in order to recoup your loses, but it can be hard to win cases like this and it will cost you time and money (lawyer fees) to pursue your case. Plus, if they are uninsured there is a good chance they are uncollectible anyway, meaning even if you do win a judgment against them you will have a hard time actually getting the money since they likely don’t have a lot of assets to go after.

Hiring only insured contractors decreases the likelihood that injuries and poor quality work will occur and increases the likelihood that the work will last a long time. Bad work that doesn’t last a long time, especially really bad work that fails quickly and severely, can cause injuries and financial harm. If the work of the uninsured contractor is bad quality or breaks, you will either have to have that same contractor fix it at no charge (which is a bad idea because you really should not expect his work to be any better a second time around), assuming he is even willing to do this. There is a good chance he won’t even attempt to fix it because you can hardly expect a contractor without insurance to warranty his work and to be worried about customer satisfaction. These are all to often the type of contractors that you hear stories about where they leave town never to be seen again after taking your money. The second and most likely thing a homeowner will have to do will be to hire another contractor, hopefully this time a reliable and insured one, to fix the work of the first one. This means you will essentially be paying twice for the same job.

Additionally, hiring uninsured contractors to perform work can make you liable for damage they cause, will likely make it so your insurance will not cover injuries that occur as a result of the work, will often make you liable for any injuries subcontractors suffer on the job, and can even result in other legal penalties.

Bottom line, when looking to hire a contractor to perform work on your home, always be sure to hire a licensed and insured professional to perform the work because failure to do so can have serious legal and financial consequences.

Some states don’t actually legally require some contractors to be insured. It’s always best to do your research and call around. I always use the same contractors when I’m at my house down in Palm Harbor. Elite Plumbing Services check them out here Plumbers Palm Harbor Fl

Nothing in this article is designed to constitute legal advice

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